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Emanating from quarries in countries such as Italy, Greece, and Turkey, Marble is renowned for its timeless beauty. Its classic veining patterns and soft hues make it a preferred choice for elegant interiors. Pros include a luxurious appearance, yet Marble is susceptible to scratching and staining, requiring careful maintenance. Best used in low-traffic areas like bathrooms and select kitchen areas.

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Limestone, a sedimentary rock formed in ancient aquatic environments, is a tribute to the Earth's transformative processes. Quarried globally, including in France, the UK, and the US, Limestone is characterized by muted colors and occasional fossilized imprints that narrate the geological history of its formation.

This soft and earthy stone radiates a warm charm, making it a popular choice for interior applications where a subtle touch is desired. From elegant flooring to fireplace surrounds, Limestone brings a natural and calming aesthetic to any space. However, its porosity and softness make it susceptible to scratching and staining, necessitating careful consideration of its usage and periodic sealing for longevity.

In the world of natural stone, Limestone stands as a testament to the Earth's ancient narratives, offering a gentle and timeless presence to interiors with its unique textures and hues.

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