Step 1

Pre-Qualification & Consultation

First off, we kick things off with a detailed consultation to make sure your ideas fit with reality, taking into account your budget and what's actually doable. In this initial phase, our specialists take a close look at what you need to match you perfectly with our marble options and services. This crucial first step makes sure we're all on the same page, setting the stage for meeting your expectations spot on.


step 2

Selection & Material Procurement

After our initial chat, we head into the selection stage. This is when you pick out the marble that's just right for your style and practical needs. Our team is here to walk you through our handpicked selection, shedding light on what makes each choice special. Once you've made your pick, we'll source the best quality marble, making sure it lives up to the high standards we know you expect for your project.


step 3

Measurement, Design, & Planning

Once you've chosen your material, we move on to accurately measure and template your space. This detailed step is vital for the custom cutting of your marble. Next, we'll draft detailed drawings and layouts, giving you a clear picture of what the final setup will look like. This stage of planning is key to making sure everything is spot-on and perfectly matches what you're imagining for your space.


step 4

Fabrication & Scheduling

After locking in the design and details, we set a date to start crafting your marble piece. Our expert craftsmen use the latest methods and a meticulous approach to turn the raw marble into the design you've dreamed up. This phase focuses on precision and fine craftsmanship, aiming to make the final piece even better than you expected. We'll work with you to plan the timing, aiming to keep any disruption to a minimum and make sure everything goes smoothly.


step 5

Installation & Completion

The last step is putting your marble in place. Our experienced team makes sure it fits perfectly and looks great, making your space more beautiful with the marble you picked. After we're done, we'll check everything with you to make sure you're happy with it. This final touch brings your ideas to life and makes your space look amazing.

Honoring Culinary Brilliance

Award-Winning Catering Team

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What they say about us
"A team of real professionals, extremely tasty and beautifully presented dishes. Catering 128 exceeded our expectations. We are simply delighted!"
Olivia Taylor
lovely customer
What they say about us
"Professional and attentive staff, quality at the highest level. Catering 128 made our event incredible together with their team of professionals."
Michael Davis
lovely customer
What they say about us
"We ordered catering for the wedding. Impeccable service, flavors to satisfy any palate. Catering 128 knows how to create unforgettable culinary magic."
Emma Johnson
lovely customer
What they say about us
"Easy planning and flawless execution. Catering 128 made our event stress-free, extremely delicious and simply unforgettable. Strongly recommended!"
Sophia Lee
lovely customer
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Yisroel Teitelbaum

Yisroel brings more than five years of valuable experience to the table, along with an impressive history of completing over 500 projects successfully.

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